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propaganda. destructive propaganda. constructive propaganda. propaganda.

The ancient Greeks were Black people. The ancient Trojans were Black people. The Trojan War happened in Central America. The ancient, FAMOUS city, called, TROY, is at Copan, Honduras.

propaganda. destructive propaganda.

constructive propaganda. propaganda.

When Canduales was murdered for allowing another man to see his wife naked, that changed the direction of history. The interconnectedness of ancient history to modern life as has never been known before. That is what this is about...

I would NEVER tell you the plot of a film that I am working on. I believe the plot is something that should be DISCOVERED as you view and enjoy the film.

However, I do present a treatment of the film in the INVESTOR section of this website. The investor page is password protected and viewable on a need-to-know basis.

All of that aside, WELCOME!

This story takes place right now. I wouldn't be interested, so much, just to be talking about history. No matter how ancient it may be. Combine history and ancient mythology with reality and modern times, and use it for what you know and do now. That is the point. But, we are going to show you what we mean in the film (video).

The ancient ones gave the secret to eternal life. Man, Woman, Child...INFINITY. This film is an exercise into perfection. The status quo has gotten the earth stuck in mediocrity and the mundane. People are using less than 10% of their brain. Come explore the story of the Black Woman called Helen of Troy and LEARN how to get your POWER back to yourself and AWAY from the ones that try to kill your mind and destroy your joy.

Our "Black Helen" film is a story about the MAKING of the concept of ..."This is the END of racism"...because this has NEVER been done before, we show you how, when, why and what. We set it music. The BEST of local musicians in the greater Los Angles area and the South Bay..


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