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Computer Science Is Sexy

Computer Science Is Sexy is a 21 and over Computer Science business that Michael Wall is developing.

You may often hear..."Computers are the future"...well, for the over 30 crowd that are not nerds, that puts us in a very precarious predicament. Since we are so cool...many of us have spent our entire lives chilling and flossing and posing by the Porsche. Letting valuable time and opportunity pass us by. This may not be your MO...but, it makes for cool reading, so play along.

I wanted to start learning Computer Science (CS) after MANY years of bullsh*tting and being "cool"...So, the idea for Computer Science Is Sexy was born. 

The goal is to reach as many people as possible and begin a career in Computer Science and ALL that that includes. Block Chain and Digital Ledger Technology, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI)....and whatever other fields are out there, or...being created.

I want to have this website filled with resources, network connections and and learning to make ALL the members successful in this as a hobby or profession.

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