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filmmaking, crypto trading, books,

music production, courses, etc.

Get It From Mike

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Founded today, June 9, 2019, is a collective production company. Our production company is not just film and music production. Our product is...PRODUCTS!

We do produce music and film/video content. But we also produce financial products, fashion and clothing, web design and graphics, mobile apps and Dapps, marketing and organization courses and applications. We do many things with a global team. Welcome to the future of business, services, pleasure and networking.

We welcome everyone to become a part of the team. The more, the merrier. One of the goals is to make iSelfMaster a network channel for viewing independent films and music as well as educational and entertaining courses. MONEY, or rather, FINANCE and WEALTH is one of the most import topics to master and gain control of our individual lives. Wealth is also very important in our collective communities. So, no matter how much wealth you have...we plan to help all to become financially literate and productive and independent. 


  • The magic that is compounding interest

  • The rule of 72

  • DYO_Results Tracker

  • Discover Your Options ~ An Options Strategy Playbook

  • Due Diligence Checklist

  • Discover Your Options Paper Trade Template




Interested in Financial Freedom? Do  YOU want Financial Freedom?

Jay Johnson can teach you how to trade options and minimize risk. He shows you what WORKS for him and his students. Option trading is a tool to reach your financial freedom. It is NOT that hard to learn...but you MUST get started if you want to learn.

Jay Johnson and his wife, Jackie, literally started over with NOTHING! Options trading is the tool that they used to uproot themselves, leave corporate America and start trading options FULL TIME! 

ONLY on can you get this DISCOUNT package from the Discover Your Options program. Learn how to research and find the correct options for you to trade and make a profit.

Getting started with trading options may seem intimidating, but with the expert guidance of John and Jackie you'll be up to speed faster than you could have ever imagined. No matter what your ultimate goal is, learn the basic skills and gain all the confidence needed to ultimately win in the exciting world of options.​

Learn how to build generational wealth and have the mindset to make money and keep it.

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I am the webmaster and originator of

I wanted to put the money and financial programs first because I understand that not much can be done without capital.

Get It From Mike

Organization is the key element to

If you understand the importance of organizing your business, home, personal life, country, etc,. you have come to the right place. 

We ONLY need to mention this one time. The ONLY problem that people, businesses and nations have that makes them unsuccessful is lack of organization. That is what we do. We teach organization for success!

I am writer and historian and organizer. All of those titles involved a LOT of reading. In my many years of experience, I have read hundreds of books on just as many subjects. Many things interest me. Because of that, I have found it very easy to become scatter brained and disorganized. Multiple interests and knowledge pursuits is my specialty. So I can help you. Getting organized is fun, easy and the ONLY way to have success!

There is more about me and the other great people on this website in the about section.

I focus on development, promotion and distribution of products. Music, films, etc. 

Do you have a product? I can organize your business and help you distribute the product and make profit.

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