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Surviving the what we face everyday. We not living we are surviving.. to Live is by your rules , to survive is by other people‘s rules.. We are what you may call in the jungle. Prey..Our community are full of Predators.. the Arab store,Asian hair and nail shops..police, predatory lenders, liquor stores. These are Predators that prey on our division they prey on our ignorance and they prey on hatred self. And then we have some of our kind are predators too..The dope man, Pimp, gangs.. Everyone preys on us.. So we like the Gazelle Every day try not to be eaten by the lion.. Please let’s turn from prey to Predator seeking out everything that is Challenging the existence of our community..then run them out of our community!!!

Surviving the death. Surviving the danger. Surviving the obstacles. Surviving the traps. Surviving the pain. Surviving the violence. 


Surviving the Hood.

Brother Captain Dennis...this is where we add the details and programs and things that this movement/program is about.

The image above will be of positive/negative things in the hood.

Can YOU survuve the hood? Of COURSE you can. Here's how...

stop the gun violence!

stop the black on black crime!

stop the brown on brown crime!

the purpose of the mind is to solve problems relating to survival.

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