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Get It From Mike Presents​

Teotihuacan IS Heliopolis.

IS Heliopolis.

- a film by mr. fun

"In the empty heart of Teotihuacan, Mexico, an astonishing secret has been unearthed that unveils what some may consider a disturbing truth: Teotihuacan, where gods once ruled, is the real Heliopolis of ancient Egypt. Battling skeptics, conspiracy schemers, academia, and the relentless march of time, we decipher cryptic clues, and ancient written records revealing a sinister plot connection that defies reason. Prepare for a descent into the unknown, where the very essence of history and reality shatters, and new information awakens the biggest conspiracy theory of the millennium."

This website is the SECOND of it's kind. The FIRST was devoured by wild dogs.


This is a CONTEST...not a protest. Let me explain:

Before the advent of the blockchain and distributed ledger technology, certain "gatekeepers" held power over the people by controlling their finances and wealth, their education and knowledge, and, in MOST cases...controlling their thoughts. That has changed.

Teotihuacan IS Heliopolis is an education. An Exploration. This is NOT a protest. This is a contest.

A journey into REAL history and geography prior to the INVASION and conquest of the Americas by the Church of Rome (Vatican) and the nations of Europe that lusted after the control the world. Not ONLY can you learn about the systematic and intentional RE-WRITING of history and changing of the maps, but, you can also, potentially, make MILLIONS of dollars CORRECTING the lies told of history and fixing the errors of the greedy enemies of the human family. Using this platform and the various cryptocurrencies 
and tokens associated with this groundbreaking idea, participants, scholars, knights, marketers and warriors can be rewarded not ONLY with correct and verified knowledge...but with actual value in gold and crypto.

Thank you for reading. If you are interested, click here to find out more about how this idea works.


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