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To make the hiring of production crew and vendors easier than ever before.


To solve the biggest problem most productions face: finding and hiring qualified professionals by providing the tools and resources needed on our global network.



The Bank Of Hollywood is a network of local crew and vendors that serves the film and video production industry. Find and hire anything you need, whether it's a cameraman for one day, a video editor for one month or a full-time producer. Since launching in 2019, we've grown beyond a simple directory into the most trusted resource for finding qualified and experienced crew, vendors and employees. We're your film and video production partner.

Our founder, Michael Wall, launched The Bank Of Hollywood as an answer to two issues that plagued his production company. Finding reliable and qualified crew wasted valuable hours that could be spent on the creative details, and it cost an exorbitant amount of money to advertise locally so it was nearly impossible to grow in other markets. The Bank Of Hollywood solves those problems by providing an all-encompassing network of experienced crew and vendors for hire and a unified resource for industry professionals to market their services at affordable rates.


After nearly 2 years, The Bank Of Hollywood has grown beyond an alternative to production guides and the yellow pages into the largest global network of film and video professionals ready to bring your content to life.

We've come a long way since our lean beginnings. No matter what you need for a production, we'll help you find it with plenty of time before the cameras start rolling. Search our growing network of over 150,000 professionals, place a request for something specific, post a full-time job or let us do all the crewing for you. Beyond our crewing services, we keep you up to date with emerging trends in the industry with our blog and press from leading, innovative companies. Whether you're a seasoned pro or looking to hire someone from the industry, The Bank Of Hollywood is your resource for everything in the film and video production industry.


The Bank Of Hollywood is MORE than a production company. We are also not just a traditional crewing company or an agency. We are so much more than that. We combine the services from each to match your creative needs, style, budget and location with the perfect crew and vendors.

Film and video production is in our DNA. With our years of experience, production know-how and a meticulous verification process, it's no surprise that we're known as the industry's most trusted tool. Our team is made of people that have worked in the industry, from large production companies, like the Walt Disney Company and NFL Films, to creative agencies and feature film productions. Everyone at The Bank Of Hollywood understands what it's like to be in your position, so we can anticipate and accommodate your needs and provide practical solutions. Unlike many other companies, you will actually speak to a human when you call us.


It's no secret that the popularity of video in every industry is booming. We make it possible for businesses in all verticals to keep up with the technology and creative trends their audiences are craving by providing the resources they need to create engaging content.


When we say we connect professionals from all over the world, we mean it. No matter where you are, we can help you. From Alaska to Australia, you can find whatever you need on ProductionHUB.

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