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We Iz Kangz®

Propaganda is very important in WAR! The DEFENDER of the Ancient Black History of the Americas!

We are at war. But, this is a different KIND of war. This is a war for the mind.

I created WE IZ KANGZ as a marketing and propaganda company a few years ago because I began to notice that there was an effort from inferior, so called white racists and their minions to try to demean topics of Black history whenever they were mentioned on social media. I made it my BUSINESS to address the attempts at belittling and marginalizing the truth about Black history. 

I have discovered,through many years of research and investigation, Black people are too busy striving to move FORWARD to waste time with negative attempts at stereotypes and trivial, childish antics to depict Black people in negative, baseless images. The "WE WUZ KANGZ" campaign that was popular on the internet comes from the same fraudulent and inferior, so called white racist mind as the other stereotypes of older times, called Scientific Racism.

We know racism was never based on historic or scientific truth. However, for the masses that may NOT know that, we have dedicated 100% of our time to paTROLL the interwebz to combat racist foolishness and spread the TRUTH about Black history.

I have reproduced the ORIGINAL "We Iz Kangz" website here to give an idea to the extent the derogatory 

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