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The DEFENDER of the Ancient Black History of the Americas!



We IZ Kangz is here to bring HONOR and celebration to ALL of the deep Black ancient and medieval history.

Racism was a HOAX! We say "was" because on September 20, 2016, Michael Wall DECLARED the end of racism. is a subsidiary of Black History MonthLY, This is the END of Raxism, RAXISM, and Corn in the Bible® Means Maize. The purpose of this websike is to address the derogatory images and inferiority complex that other members of the Human Family demonstrate in order to fraudulently and maliciously distort the image and history of the global empire of Black People

*Black People, when mentioned

on this page, is defined here, and

should not be misunderstood to

reference the defacto legal or social status invented by the authors of Scientific Racism.


The staff has a collective experience of over 25,000 years of research and study of the Black People in the Americas. Our goal is to disseminate an accurate and truthful history of Black people in the Americas and the world.

We are NOT Afrocentrists.

Although our ideology is not Afrocentrism, we do honor, respect and Love the people and history of Africa. We Love the African land, as we Love all of the land, water and atmosphere of our planet Earth. The connection between Africa and the Americas during ancient and medieval times is inseparable. Our publications will expand on these facts in great and irrefutable detail. is an aggressive platform to show the real and accurate self image of the global empire of Black people. We must respect the good, the bad and the ugly of history. This is not to sugar coat or pretend that things were in anyway different than how historicity and reality showed them to be. This is, however, the raw truth and we welcome any and all editorials and corrections to our published work and position if the sources, citations and facts can be proved to be 100% true. We don't believe in relative truths. There is only ONE truth regardless to the number of parties involved.


Truth stands on its own and needs no excuse. is here to show the world that the history of Black people has been changed by the so called white racists that created Scientific Racism. Racism was a FRAUD and was never based on any real history or science. The term "so called white" people is a direct result of the research of the invention of the so called white race and how the term, "white"... is racism. Our publications will address these facts. The DECLARATION of the END of racism by Michael Wall is the first of these works.

Did you know that Black people were the Hebrews of the Bible? The correct way to understand this is; not ALL Black people were Hebrews. Not ALL Black people were the ancient Egyptians, however, the ancient Egyptians were Black people.

Black people were the ancient Greeks, Mayans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Inka, Persians, Ethiopians, Indians, Canaanites, Philistines, Hittites, Jebusites, Moabites  Trojans, Aztec,Egyptians, Libyans, Asiatics, Moors and others. will host the documentation of the ancient WRITTEN records that show the truth and the details of who all of these ancient people were. The ancient written records show they were Black People. The ancient written records show that the people called themselves Black people. You were lied to because the racists that started "Scientific Racism" interpreted the ancient written records for you and your parents. They lied and changed the history of the Black people of the world. They were so pathetic and inferior that they even changed the maps in order to try to hide the ancient and medieval history of the global Black empire. We want you to study with us. Reason with us to find the truth and REAL Black world history.

Black people were the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, Phoenicians, Carthagenians, Trojans, Moors, Cananaanites, Cushites, Shemites,

The "Out of Africa Theory is a HOAX!

We have the ancient written records that show the Caucasians were Black people. 

In fact, the term "Caucasian" was not applied to so called white people until the 18th century. This application of the name to so called white people started with Christoph Meiners and Blumenbach; two of the inferior racist... so called white people... that distorted the history and image of Black people and stole their identity.

Blumenbach and Meiners were part of the institutionalization of Scientific Racism.

This is the END of racism. staff holds the philosophy that the skin color of Black People, in all the the various shades, is beautiful. But skin color is just skin color. It is a natural protection and love from the sun and

other elements, and Black,

in its many shades, from the

darkest to the lighter, is

the original skin color of

the inhabitants of planet

Earth. This is NOT, however,

about skin color. 

This is about the MIND!

For many centuries, the idea of skin color has been taboo for non so called white people. The distinction was made that there are TWO people in the world; White and non white. This distinction and categorization was made BY white people (so called white people. They are NOT white.:, for white people. Many of you reading this have heard of this ridiculous and racist idea before.

Why non so called white people have developed a support of the concept of this centuries old taboo is a subject that we will address in our publications. Know, for now, this is the END of racism from any and all people. Racism will no longer be tolerated!

This philosophy is based on real science. Genetics and biology proves that there are dominant and recessive genes in the human species. That means a LOT in regards to the so called white and non so called white people of our planet. What the world has been subjected to is pseudo-race-based science and Scientific Racism

The archaeologists practiced racism, the anthropologists practiced racism, of course, the Eugenics program is based on racism by the very inception and beliefs of the that institutions founders.

Racism was the biggest of all the world's problems and affected everyone in a negative way. Do you benefit from racism? How?

Do you support the end of racism?

This is the END of racism.


The end of racism is not contingent upon the opinion and will of others. The end of racism is an independent declaration and affirmation in YOUR life. 

Teach yourself and your children.

This is the END of racism

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This is the END of racism
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