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The OFFICIAL When Rocks Cry Out and Horace Butler Appreciation Study Group:
or, Serpent Union.

We are a UNION of people dedicated to the TRUTH of Black history, Black Present and Black Future...

The MAJORITY of the thought process expressed in this Union is based upon the work of Horace Butler. I found Mr. Butler's book, When Rocks Cry Out, in 2010. I have been studying the book since and decided to create an OFFICIAL honorary society based upon the book. 

when rocks cry out book.jpg

When Rocks Cry Out WILL be a book that the WORLD loves. That is our goal.

To achieve that goal, we have started the Serpent Union and this website. 

Mr. Butler is on social media at Instagram and Facebook. You are welcome to follow him on those platforms.

His knowledge and research is beyond anything that MOST of us have ever seen.

“He who conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is mighty."

when rocks cry out 1.JPG

Horace Butler is the Father of his own children and grandchildren, of course, but...I MUST say that he is also the FATHER of Black history!

At least, I honor him as such. And THAT is a huge honor because Black people are a beautiful, brilliant and genius people that will benefit by showing the world their mental power and talents as well as art and passion for science and creating civilization.

The book (above) is the Second Edition of When Rocks Cry Out by Horace Butler. The book that we will use to study and research over 22,000 years of ancient Black history of the Americas. Click the photo to buy the book from the Get It From Mike store...or HERE to purchase from Amazon.



I mentioned the SECOND Edition of When Rocks Cry Out in the writing above. That MUST mean that there is a FIRST edition, right? Yes! 

Horace Butler published a LIMITED First Edition of When Rocks Cry Out and I was ALSO fortunate 


enough to find one for sale years ago. Actually, I found TWO.

I held on to them for MANY years. I listed them for sale again in 2022 and SOLD one for $2,900. That one was not SIGNED and AUTOGRAPHED by Mr. Butler. The SIGNED, NUMBERED and AUTHOGRAPHED copy I STILL have available for sale. But, I needed to RAISE the price because it is my LAST one and I DO NOT really want to part with it. But...if you are interested in buying it, it is listed here in my store.

Alright...enough of all of that...let's get into the STUDY!


we iz kangz 798x90 BANNER.jpg

Mr. Butler INSPIRED me to END Racism and Poverty... (More on that coming up).

Back in 2010, when I first started to study When Rocks Cry Out by Horace Butler, I noticed that there were a LOT of wanna-be trolls online.

Every time something about Black history, ancient Egypt, etc., was mentioned, the inferior so-called white racists would start "We Wuz Kangz" comments and posts. It got REALLY ridiculous.

So, I created something to COMBAT the foolishness to eliminate Black people from having to waste their time commenting and going back-and-forth with these pathetic, so-called white racists. I created WE IZ KANGZ

It is not a satire site. However, it is just a place-marker to link to when the jealous and inferior, so-called white racist people want to get in their feelings and disrespect or distract meaningful Black history conversations. 
Just and continue with your powerful work of sharing the REAL Black history of the Americas.

No longer need to waste ANY time dealing with trolls.


You can text me (424) 999-5841 or email:

copyright 2023 get IT from mike. all rights reserved.

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