All the Youth should know this and other things. This is BIG Business...BIG Science and BIG Love.

The word NEGUS is an ancient word that means ROYALTY.


Young Negus MBA Course

1. Marketing
2. Ethics
3. Accounting
4. Organizational Behavior 
5. Quantitative Analysis
6. Finance
7. Operations
8. Economics 
9. Strategy

I used to see many people and companies teach 
young Black and Brown youth about HOW to write Business Plans...
but they NEVER taught them how to get the plans accessible to CAPITAL! 
In our course, we not only teach the Business Administration we make the CAPITAL available. 
Also, we include the NEW methods of cryptocurrency and the disruption of legacy financial 
and economic systems to put the people into 2020 and beyond with the structure 
of understanding ownership and self determination. .

YOUNG this.

What does the word NEGUS mean?


Understand and WORK in Crypto.


Computer Science. Learn how to build computers, computer network and computer security.

Also, learn computer programming and how to build mobile apps and Dapps,


Best decentralized cloud, server, exchange, etc.


Guidelines, operating Manual, Bylaws, Rules.


Are you READY to know the truth?

The bringing of American MAIZE to Italy between the years of 1150 and 1207 A.D.?That has to mean that the lands of the Crusades were the Americas! Everyone knows that corn, in this case, maize, was only grown in the Americas during ancient and biblical and medieval times. Corn In The Bible® is here.

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