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YOUNG this.

What does the word NEGUS mean?

  The term NEGUS has a deep and very powerful meaning:
The BASIC meaning is KING.  Emperor, ruler, sovereign, monarch, supreme ruler, crowned head, majesty, Crown, head of state, royal, prince, lord, 

personage,  prince, potentate, overlord, liege lord, leader, chief are some synonyms for the word Negus.

We are going to get all the way into the ROOT meaning of the word Negus. The above is just the simple explanation... If you are still reading, you are interested in knowing more. That's awesome!

Many people say that the term Negus comes from the Ethiopian word 

"Negus is a noun derived from the Ethiopian Semitic root ngś, meaning "to reign"." That's from wiki. 




Are you READY to know the truth?

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