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I have a lot to say and do and I look forward to this being a long relationship. For many years I have studied the art of selling from the personal development perspective using the works of the greats like Dale Carnegie, Paul J. Meyer, Brain Tracey, Jim Rohn, etc.....

Although I agree with most of their methods and techniques, they all seemed basically manipulative to me. I didn't want to sell to people or manipulate them into wanting to buy. I still don't. However, being nonchalant and passive would never allow me to fulfill my life's work and mission. So, I have decided to give these techniques and methods a serous review and apply them to make my work successful and bring a few people up with me along the way. I am starting on Patreon and would love your support and value your feedback.


I have been at this for MANY years and now, I have a unique, one-of-a-kind, unique product...ME!

The END of Racism and Poverty is what I am all about. This is what I sell and I trust you all will find favor and value in that as well as in the way I present this world changing idea to you. These two topics hold so much importance and value to me and they both contain many elements that I could never be bored or exhaust the unlimited potential of the topic.


My goal is to help people... and get wealthy doing it! Helping others to be able to help people, and get wealthy doing it is a bonus! Icing on the cake.


Phase #1

     Establish the foundation for the END of racism. 
     Racism was NEVER based on truth. Not historical truth...nor scientific truth. Racism was ONLY based on lies and                 fraud.  I have the the documented WRITTEN records from antiquity, medieval and modern times to prove that. I want       to share these WRITTEN records with you. The truth is not subjective. Truth is not relative. We must be honest in                 order to be able to accept truth and END racism. Join me.


Phase #2

     The END of poverty is very important and multifaceted.
      I am going to use Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to END poverty for myself and those that I can help and follow my                work. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are here to STAY and if we are smart, we can use this new technology to END the            poverty of the mind and finance.


Phase #3

     Spread the word using social media, guerrilla marketing, t-shirts and stickers, podcasts, videos, documentaries, etc.
     I intend to pay thousands of people to help spread the word in order to make an impact to change our world.





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