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Teotihuacan IS Heliopolis

This is the decade of DISRUPTION!

We have a cool and fun program that explores the ancient history of Egypt in the Americas. WHAT?!?! Yes, you read it correctly. The FIRST Egypt was in the Americas and we have the ancient WRITTEN records to prove it.

Why don't you know about this?

I could go into the script of how the schools and universities have LIED to their students and how the government and religions have HIDDEN the truth and FORBIDDEN the knowledge to be available to the people. That has ALL changed!

We are putting the REAL history of the Americas on the blockchain, and using distributed ledger technology, we make it available for ALL to promote, verify, disseminate and create value and wealth ALL while re-writing history.

Imaging all of the MULTI BILLIONS of dollars in wealth generated for the past 500 years based on the LIE that the Americas were the "NEW WORLD" discovered by Christopher Columbus and financed by the Vatican Catholic Church and the monarchs of Spain. Now, imagine getting MORE than that by REWRITING the history that was based on LIES that were created and published in THOUSANDS of books in libraries, private collections and universities around the globe!

Make MONEY rewriting and verifying the history. That's where the blockchain and cryptocurrency comes in.


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