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It's NOT what you's...WHO KNOWS YOU!

The Bank Of Hollywood is here...

_________________________________________________________________________ Who taught you? This is a serious question. Not one wanting an answer. A rhetorical one. Wise people have always known that good manners are the prerequisite to a thriving and productive society. A good name is better than gold. Those ideas are proven to be true. I was thinking about these ideas. Reflecting on social media and groups where strangers sit behind username illusions and behave in all strange ways on the internet. Some people are themselves. Some are false characters. Some, maybe, are paid trolls working for the shadow governments to keep people divided and dumbed down. Maybe. My point in all of this is... be cool. Have good manners and treat people with respect. Always. Regardless if you are behind the protection of a firewall and fake fb profile. Maybe, it is just my experience. But, having decent manners and respect for people has REALLY paid off for me. Let me explain: The gentleman in this picture was in a filmmaking group that I am a member of on facebook. As usual...there was a post posted on social media and people started to comment and give their opinions, degrade others, bash, cuss, etc. I was reading the comments and made some of my own. Because I was being myself and respected the feelings and ideas of others, I was able to meet this brother. We had a couple of imbox conversation. Those turned into telephone calls and long talks. Let me say this...being cool with others will allow you to meet some that are larger than life! Watch and enjoy the video. I won't tell you who this man is or what he has accomplished...but, I will say...if you DO recognize and know will understand how honored I am to have met him and learn from him. Thanks for reading. Be good to one another.


...To service ALL of the filmmakers, creators, directors, screenwriters, producers, etc. that the lames in traditional "Hollywood" have not acknowledged. We have HEARD your prayers, cries, shouts, and dissatisfaction. But, honestly, this should have happened a LONG time ago! A platform to distribute your films and content. a place where you can charge viewers by subscriptions, on-demand, rental etc. Get your work seen by the IMPORTANT people: Your fans and audience. Want more information: TOLL FREE 1 (833) 787-8399

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