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The Black Athena


This is the END of racism


30 years ago, Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, hit the streets!


The book literally CHALLENGED the foundation of so called white identity and psychology, or at least, attempted to. Fast forward to 2019...The Black Athena movement picks up where Martin Bernal left off and failed.This site is designed to cover the DIALOGUE and CONTROVERSY that started in 1987, when Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, was first released. I have added the videos and articles of THAT dispensation and have included the NEW information that is currently available and very much needed to set the record straight and COMPLETE the understanding of the ancient Greek history.



What you will find in the archives of the Black Athena dialogues is the desperate and pathetic attempt to hold on to the LIES of so called white racism. This is going to be a bumpy ride...I hope you are wearing your helmet and like roller coasters. Ha. 

Have you read, "Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization" by Martin Bernal? If not, I suggest you READ it and the books written to support and debunk the theory. Get the book HERE.

The BEGINNING of this journey should be accompanied with a road map. So you KNOW where you are going with this ...The Black Athena experience.

A real BRIEF summary of "Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization"is that Martin Bernal said the Greek goddess called Athena was a Black woman because the ancient Greeks got their GODS and GODDESSES from the Egyptians. Who were Black people.

He said that Greek Athena was the Egyptian Neith.

That is the basic gravamen to the book and controversy. It goes into details and we ALL should know the arguments and information about the electrifying time in modern history. Bernal was 100% CORRECT in this idea. The Greek Athena WAS the Egyptian Black woman called Neith. 

However...not ONLY was Athena a Black woman.....but the Greek God ZEUS was a Black man!


The ancient Greeks were Black people!


The Black Athena Debate - Dr. John Henrik Clarke vs Mary Lefkowitz

“I only debate my equals. All others, I teach.”

        - John Henrik Clarke

That ridiculous quote comes from this video. I say it is ridiculous because of the MANY errors made by Mr. Clarke.

The Hyksos were Black people The ancient Greeks were Black people, The REAL ancient Greece was at the Yucatan Peninsula and Central America.

John Clarke did NOT know these things, so he actually made a fool of himself and Black people by FOLLOWING the lie created by SCIENTIFIC RACISM.



I do commend him for TRYING to defend the ancient Black history and identity of Black people. This is not an attack on Mr. Clarke. I do NOT know everything, and this is here as a REMINDER to us all that we are just STUDENTS in an infinite world of Black history. We should NEVER claim to know it all. 

I don't wish to make enemies with the followers of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, but...I MUST make sure that all the readers know that he was INCORRECT in many of his claims and THAT must be corrected. I will go into the details of his errors HERE. The ancient Greeks were Black people!


This is the END of racism
Copryright 2019
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