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The DEFENDER of the Ancient Black History of the Americas!

We IZ Kangz is here to bring HONOR and celebration to ALL of the deep Black ancient and medieval history.

I started WE IZ KANGZ in 2016 as a much needed rebuttal and answer to the inferior so called white people's derogatory, "We Wuz Kangz"...

This foolish and ridiculous slogan seemed to pop up WHENEVER issues of Black history would appear on the interwebz that didn't meet the fake Black story of the status quo based on the fraud and false narrative of racism.

Now, I took this project upon myself, alone, when, at that time, I had no support from other normal people: Black , non-racist so called white, Asian, Indian, Islanders, etc.

I knew that MOST Black and non so called white people, and non racist so called white people were too busy to waste their time engaging in this type of dumb, racist and discrimination meme stuff.

But...because of the continuous attempt to derail, minimize, marginalize, slander, debase, ridicule, disrespect and/or ignore the FACTS of REAL Black history and Black is BEST. I have created this company and will supply marketing material and resources for anyone wanting to help destroy racism and the childish, inferior attempts of racists to continue to ruin the world by destroying and  hiding and distorting the truth with lies, foul stereotypes, scientific racism, false history, fake data, fraud and incompetent ideas.




Our business is marketing and propaganda.Our goal is to completely END the fraud called racism. I say OUR because YOU are included.I am working on the business plan and white paper. They are here and will be updated regularly. 

WE IZ KANGZ is a part of a vast research group based throughout the United States of America. Although many of the researchers do not condone what they consider a frivolous effort, the method of research and the level of accuracy and professionalism that is protocol for the greater group is the same for the information used to support the statements an claims of We Iz Kangz. 

It is because of this calliber of fact finding and research that We Iz Kangz is so REVOLUTIONARY and BOLD in the stance for the END of racism and the defense of positive Black image and REAL Black history. We will NOT tolerate any more lies against Black people and Global, Empirical Black people.

This is the END of racism
Copyright 2021
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